September 29, 2010

Three Months and 4.5 Pounds!

It's hard to believe that Andrew was three months old yesterday.  When you look back at how far he's come this month, it's amazing.  At the two month mark, Andrew weighed right around 3 pounds, and was still on the CPAP machine for breathing.  A few days after that, he transitioned to the nasal cannula, and hasn't looked back!

I'm getting so big!

Practicing my sitting up.
What's the big deal?

No brady's or desats when
Dad fed him!
We got good news yesterday after his follow up eye exam.  His left eye looks "excellent" and the right is "improving".  Hopefully next week he'll get two excellent marks and we'll be able to space out his exams a little more.  He's also doing so well in the eating/gaining weight department.  He hit 4.5 pounds yesterday, and his feeds have been compressed more to 2 hours.  This means he gets fed his entire feed (a little more than an ounce) over a 2 hour span, then they turn off the feed for an hour, then start the process over again.  This helps stretch his stomach out and lets him learn what it means to be "full" and "hungry".  He's still having some reflux issues, but not nearly as bad as a week or so ago.  He is also now getting TWO bottles a day of 5ml each.  J and I have both been able to feed him, and we're learning how to follow his cues.  We're not surprised that he seems to like his bottle with how much he enjoys sucking on the pacifier.  He's done great - pacing himself, and remembering to breathe in between the sucks and swallows.  All of his nurses are so proud of him, and so are we!

Taking the bottle like a champ.
Look at that concentration!

Yum!  This is sooo good.
J & I are spending some time this week interviewing pediatricians.  The reality that he will be coming home is starting to sink in.  Oh my!  We have a lot to get ready over the coming weeks, and the mental aspect of it is probably just as hard as getting all his "stuff" together.  We can't wait though to be home as a family!

I got a new swing, and I LOVE it!
I'm a little small, but they prop me up with some blankets
and it's all good!

Passed out after a long day.

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Beth said...

Happy 3 month birthday Andrew! Keep up the great work.