September 30, 2010

Photo Shoot Fail!

I'm sure this is just one of many future photo shoots that could go better.  Andrew was not very cooperative on his three month birthday!


My. Picture.

Finally, a few good shots!

HA!  Gottcha while you were sleeping!

Finally - one with open eyes (kinda)!

Happy Three Months, Andrew!  You are doing so great!

In other news, his doctors and nurses continue to push him, and Andrew keeps pace!  They've lowered his flow on the cannula to 1, have compressed his feeds to 1.5 hours, and are feeding him via bottle small amounts every other feed (4 times a day!)  There is talk of sending him to the step-down unit soon (which is right next door to the NICU) and at the pace he is going that could be in a week or so.  Eeek!!  Moving to "Room 200" is a huge milestone, and the nurses and doctors in that unit will make sure he is ready to go home.  They'll also make sure J and I are prepared to care for him on our own.  There's a lot of nervous energy in our house right now!

Nervous?  I'm not nervous.

We are heading up to NJ this weekend to see family and friends and to have my baby shower.  Next week we'll need to finish up Andrew's room and begin to figure out what else we need before he comes home.  We are so happy that Andrew is doing well, and hope October brings our last weeks in the NICU.  Who knows, maybe he will be home for his four month photo shoot!


SupersammyG said...

Have fun at your shower. I have enjoyed following your story. Andrew is such a miracle. I hope he get to go to the step down unit soon! That was such an exciting day for us!

Beth said...

It was so great to see you guys this weekend. Keep up the great work Andrew!