October 24, 2010


Finally...the nursery is just about finished!  I've been waiting to post pictures b/c I wanted it to be all the way done, when I realized the other day that this might be as good as it gets!  Once he gets home and in it, it's never going to look so organized again.  So, while it's not perfect...it's about ready for our little man to come home!

This hangs right as you enter the room.
We bought it when we first got pregnant
and I love it! 

View from door.  The chair rocks and reclines
and is soooo comfortable!

The quote is a wall decal/transfer.
Found the ABC painting at Target!
A bit messy over here.  The books
are waiting for a bookshelf.
Closet organizer which we installed.
(The other side of the closet still has
our clothes!)  Tubs of larger clothes
for when Andrew gets bigger!
Mirror will hang above where it is sitting, and
the bookshelf J is building will go
Hand-painted letters spell his name and
match the bedding!

Hopefully Andrew will have the same
joy of reading as we do.
Things continue to go well for Andrew, and seem like they are back on track.  He's doing great with his breathing, and they are actually lowering his oxygen to .05 liter/min again.  There is a good chance he may have to come home on a little oxygen, but they are going to give him a chance to get off it.  While it will be a pain if he needs it, we'll deal with it.  Hopefully that would only be for a few months.  When we think back to how bad and immature his lungs were at birth, it's really amazing he only needs such a little bit of support now!

They are still slowly increasing his bottle feeding too, and he's doing much better this time.  His respiration rate is normal, and he hasn't had any significant spells or desats in 3 or 4 days now.  Hopefully the slower pace is all he needs.  If things continue to go well, we think we are still on track to go home in the next few weeks.

Not much else to report right now, so I'll just include some pictures for your viewing pleasure!  Andrew now weighs 6 pounds, 2 oz.  He's really chunked up in the past few weeks, and is gaining weight just great.

Life according to Andrew:




Sigh.  Life is good!


Beth said...

What a cutie! Andrew's room looks great. Looking forward to seeing pics of him in it.

Anonymous said...

I have tears (of joy) in my eyes for you guys! WHoo hooo!!!

tomatoejane said...

The room looks wonderful, love the quotes!

Andrew is looking like a 'new born' now, no surprise. Great work, Kristin and John, so proud of you and Andrew.


Kate said...

What great pictures! His room looks wonderful. I really love the last shot of your happy boys! You are certainly blessed.

Amber said...

I love love love your nursery. So glad your cutie is going home soon!