October 7, 2010

100 Days of Thanks

Andrew turned 100 days old yesterday!  It's hard to believe that he (and us) have spent the last 100 days in the NICU.  The nurses and staff there have become like family, and like any family that visits for too long, it's time for us to get out of here!!!  We brought in a cake for all the nurses and staff along with a note to let them know just how much we appreciate them. 

Yup, I'm pretty good at this!

Andrew's still doing ok with his feeding, but had a few spells the other day (most likely due to reflux) that show us he is not out of the woods yet.  However, he continues to take about a  1/2 ounce by bottle each feed, and is doing well otherwise.  He's been spending more and more time awake too.  When I got in yesterday around 10:30, Nurse J said he'd been awake since his morning feed at 8 (he did fall asleep in my arms after his 11:00 bottle though).  The Nurses and volunteers have been passing him around for snuggles, since he makes it known that he is awake with his cries!  Yes, he's become "that baby" in the NICU who just won't be quiet. 

Last night, he was awake the entire time we were there - from about 8 - 10.  He was alert and happy and it was fun to see him hanging out.  We felt bad leaving him awake when we left, but Dad has to work in the morning, and we needed to get home.  Hopefully he gave the nurses a break and went to sleep!

Hanging out after my bottle making
funny faces

One other big milestone - on his 100th day, Andrew reached 5 pounds!  You've come a long way, baby!

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Mom Mom said...

Andrew, you are such an amazing little boy! I love you and am so proud of you and your mommy and daddy. They love you so much and you've filled their world with so much joy! Keep getting stronger and you'll be home soon.