October 9, 2010

Moving On Up...

Andrew spent the first 101 days of his life in various spots in Room 202 of the NICU.  The noises, sights, sounds, and faces became familiar to both him and J and I.  It was our home away from home. 

Yeah, I can get pretty comfy even with
all the noise and lights

Yesterday he got a new home - in the special care unit of the NICU.  So, we are moving on up...or over (next door)...or down (to the step down room 200)!!  Any way you look at it, it's a step closer to the door and to bringing him home.

New digs...
J and I have been preparing for this change for awhile now...we knew he was getting close to qualifying for the step-down room, since his flow was under 1 on his nasal cannula, and he was beginning to take bottles.  We had some trepidation initially, since the change meant getting to know all new nurses and a different environment.  We know it was a good thing, since it means that the doctors all think he is stable enough to not need the intensive care anymore (and if something did happen, the intensive rooms are literally next door.)  We also know that the nursess in this room prepare him and us for the transition home, which is exciting.  But, man, change is hard!

Actually, it's not so bad.  The new room is much quieter, with a lot less activity and alarms beeping.  [Except last night around 8:00, when it seemed like every baby in the room woke up and wanted to be fed...there was dueling cries going on around the room!]  There is more space, and Andrew didn't have any problems adjusting.  A few of his old favorite nurses stopped by to check in on him, and in all he had a good day in his new digs. 

I like to help with my bottle

J and I are excited to know that he's closer to discharge, and every day can see him getting stronger, gaining weight, and needing less support and attention.  Now, much of our anxiety is around having a baby in the house and caring for him full-time on our own, like any new parents.  We can't wait for the day that we can walk out of there with him and bring him to our home, for good!

Dreaming about going home
PS - I've noticed that in most of the pictures lately, Andrew is sleeping or has his eyes closed.  I swear he's awake sometimes...but, we're usually having too much fun interacting with him to remember to take pictures.  I'll try to do better in the coming days!

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Sharon Robinson said...

He is gorgeous and absolutely perfect:) I want to smooch him through the computer!