August 8, 2010

Quick Update

Some positives so far today...just a quick update since we haven't been in yet, but as reported from Nurse M...
  • The blisters are holding for now!
  • The leg looks "1000 times" better than it did yesterday - the swelling is practically gone.
  • They are restarting feeds this afternoon and pulling the last IV (hopefully for awhile!)
  • His oxygen levels are holding steady - around 40 - 45% (which is what they've been at for many days now. No real backslide so far!
  • They are going down on the pressure of the CPAP. This controls the force that the air is entering the lungs, to help with inflating them during the breaths. [To put it in perspective, when he was on the ventilator, he had a pressure setting of around 5. When he moved to CPAP, they put it up to 8. That was the highest setting they would use for someone of his size. He's been at 8 for the past week, but now they are moving it down to 7. Baby steps!]

We are most excited about the CPAP changes. Hopefully this means his lungs are getting stronger. We're heading in for a visit soon and hopefully will have some new pictures for the next post.


Libby said...

Great news with the CPAP.

Your kid is a trooper -- that's for sure! He must get it from his parents. :)

Anonymous said...

congrats on the 1000gm mark.

sorry to hear about the bumps. hang in there..

glad to know he is doing better now.

keeping you in thoughts and prayers - KB

Jen J. said...

Hey, this is jds from TB. Happy to hear the lil guy is continuing to do well. Continuing to pray for him & you guys!