August 29, 2010


Yesterday was Andrew's 2 month birthday, so we took a bunch of pictures.  See if you can tell two new things we discovered about him when we went to visit in the morning!

Also, his oxygen requirement was down in the 20%'s yesterday - mostly right around 25%!  Oh yeah!  Now if we could just get his pressure requirements down more we'd be getting somewhere...

Yup! I'm two months old!

Although I may think I'm five months.
I'm an overachiever, you know!

Why are you taking my temp again, mommy??

I think my shirt is a little too big!

This one is MUCH better!
(and adorable - thanks Kerry!)

One more birthday picture, and I'm done!

Love you little man!

I love you too, Mommy!
In care you couldn't tell, here is what's new:
  1. He was wearing his first shirt when we got there!  It was a hospital shirt, sized Newborn.  It went down to his knees!  It was like Andrew found Daddy's sweatshirt and put it on.  We brought in the other shirt with the frog and it's Preemie sized.  Much better!
  2. They finally moved the feeding tube from his mouth to his nose!  Until now, his nose was too small to pass the tube through.  You might think this looks worse, but it doesn't bother him, has helped immensely with secretions, and is much, much harder for him to get out on his own.  Progress, and one more visible sign he is growing!
In all, a great day!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear (and see) all this news! Keep growing, little man. You are amazing! Sis

Lorie said...

Nice!! And incredibly cute! Good Job to all. He looks like he's getting ready.

Beth said...

Happy 2 month birthday Andrew! Great progress.

Anonymous said...

Who is this chunky little boy? You've grown so much in the last two weeks, Andrew! I sure wish I could hold you. Love, Mom Mom

Libby said...

Love! Love! Love! Love all the photos. He looks great. Happy birthday Andrew.