August 9, 2010

Expand the Prayers...

Everything with Andrew is going fine. He had a good day today. There is so much love and prayers going around for him, which J & I are so thankful for. If you have a moment to expand the prayers, positive vibes, and healing thoughts there are a few folks who need them more than us right now.

We have become friendly with several families in our NICU. One couple had twin girls at exactly 23 weeks. The girls are two weeks old today - one month younger than Andrew. We've been talking to this family a lot, as we can relate what they are going through, and feel a kinship with the parents. Their precious girls have had a tough start, including the same PDA surgery Andrew had. Unfortunately, one of the girls has really been struggling since the surgery, the doctors fear her kidneys have a clot, and I just read on their blog that she may not make it. Please take a minute to pray for little Sienna, her sister Avery, and her parents Robin and Quin. My heart is breaking for them.

Additional thoughts go out to one of the ladies on a message board that I've became a part of awhile ago when I began infertility treatments. Kiki gave birth to her son Callum a few days ago, at 25 weeks, 2 days. He is doing well so far, but they are in for a long NICU stay too, and they have been on my mind all weekend. I don't know why this happens to so many people...and it just seems doubly unfair for it to happen to someone who struggled to get pregnant. Send some positive thoughts Callum's way as well.

Andrew is six weeks old today. We are amazed at how far he's come in the past month and a half. We hope he continues to get stronger and bigger each day. Thank you all for the continued good wishes for him, and our family.


Brooke said...

Karlo and I will continue to pray for you and others who cross your path throughout this experience. We have some friends who went through something very similar with their twins. The situation was difficult but God was with them every step of the way. I know he will be there for you too.

Anonymous said...

Happy 6 week bday Andrew! Sending our love to you and those around you from Jersey!! Miss you tons and love you more! JCR