November 14, 2010

Silver Lining

There's been one silver lining to Andrew's additional NICU stay - he's off the oxygen!  After a week of antibiotics to fight the infection (we're still not sure what it was or what caused it) they began to refeed Andrew and they decided to take off the cannula to see how he did.

Look at me - I'm oxygen free!

I think I kind of like this!

What do you think, mom?
So, since Tuesday, our little man has been without oxygen.  He's doing great without it, so we're hoping it is gone for good.  J and I would like nothing more than to call the medical supply company and have them come to our house and take away the huge green missile (oxygen tank) we have sitting in our dining room.

Besides this excitement, Andrew is doing well, and definitely feels better.  The doctor is slowly building up his feeds and checking blood work and xrays to ensure he is tolerating it well.  So far, everything looks good.  We're not exactly sure how much longer until he comes home, but we are hopeful that it is before Thanksgiving.  (Shhhh....we're not telling him!)  We've settled back into a routine in our old space in the NICU. 
Sleep time

Story time
Baths (and Mohawks!)
Snuggle time is good for Andrew
and Dad!

Play time.  Look at the lights and the fish!
Modified tummy time.  Look how long
I am now!  I weigh 7lbs 11oz!
We know we are lucky that Andrew is on the mend, and that this setback was minimal.  While it stinks to still be in the NICU, we know he is on his way home soon.  We can't wait (and now we are really, really ready for it when it comes!)  Stay tuned...


Beth said...

He's getting so big. Glad he is on the mend. Hopeful that you'll have Andrew's homecoming to be thankful for come Thanksgiving.

Karyn said...

Fingers crossed that he's home for Turkey day! I'm glad he is doing well off the oxygen!

jackie said...

It's so amazing how big he is and off oxygen. Can't wait for you to get him home.

The Smyths said...

He looks so big! How exciting! We will keep our fingers crossed that your little man is home by next Thursday!
The Smyths :)