November 1, 2010

Four Months and Happy Halloween!

Really too much cuteness lately to waste time with words.  Andrew turned four months old last week, and celebrated his first Halloween.  He made it to about noon on the 31st before peeing all over his costume!  He's up to 6 pounds, 13 oz and is eating his full bottle with every feed.  Yesterday, he got his feeding tube out, and we hope it is gone for good!  Countdown to home is on...stay tuned!

Yeah!  Four months.  I rock!
Another photo shoot?  Zzzz...
She never gives up, does she?
This is soooo boring...
No more pictures!
(I found him asleep like this the other day!)
Insane sweetness!

Arg!  I'm a pirate!
Maybe if I pretend I'm asleep, she'll
stop taking pictures

Guess not!

Eeek!  I'm so scary!

Whose idea was this dumb hat?

Notice no tubes!  Feeding tube is gone
and cannula was off to replace.
Mom is happy.  Andrew is hungry!

Really hungry.  Feed me!

Thank you!

Ahhh...full and happy!


Beth said...

Love all of the pics. So great to catch up with you last night. Fingers crossed that Andrew will be coming home soon.

Karyn said...

Happy Halloween to the little pumpkin! So adorable!

Anonymous said...

I love that last picture!! There is one of Corrie and Julia just like it... Glad you guys had a great Halloween! Love you and we'll catch up soon! JCR

Robin said...

WOW!! These are such beautiful pictures! I am so full of joy to see these! Who would have thought we'd be celebrating 3 and 4 month "birthdays" at this date? So grateful to have met you both and deeply looking forward to the days when we can watch our kids play together. You two are amazing in so many ways and inspire us. With love and understanding, Robin