July 23, 2010


While I never thought I'd be a blogger, with the recent sudden addition of Andrew to the family, I figured this would be a good way to reach out to all our friends and family to keep them posted on his progress. We have received so many prayers, positive vibes and good wishes that is a bit overwhelming, and we felt it's only right to keep people updated if they are interested.

I'll add posts with more backstory of my pregnancy and his birth in the coming days.

Also, this blog will serve as a great reference of what we are going through during his NICU journey, and hopefully after we bring him home. After only three weeks so many dates and details are blurred (due to exhaustion and stress, I'm sure!) that we are already having a hard time remembering. And, while Andrew's arrival was not what we had planned, not how we had imagined our first days as a family, and not what we wished for as far as his birth, Andrew is here, he is alive, and has already brought us so much joy. We want to capture that!

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