July 28, 2010

Happy One Month, Andrew!!

It's hard to believe that Andrew is one month old today! We celebrated with a visit from Aunt C and Uncle J. It's been so nice that our entire immediate family has met him now - we really appreciate everyone making the trip from Ohio, the Cape, and NJ this past month to see him.

J & C brought a little gift from my adorable niece and nephew for Andrew - a sign and a picture, which made me cry when I first saw it. So cute!
Since the sign is a little too big to put up in his isolette, we decided to hang the picture of them holding the sign in there instead so that his cousins are watching over him. We'll keep the sign for his room at home! Thank you Julia and Christopher - we can't wait until you get to meet him!

We decided to mark the occasion of his one-month birthday by making his awesome nurses muffins. J & I are both so happy with the care he is getting - and the nurses are just top-notch. He has about 6 or 7 nurses who have signed up to be his primary (meaning they get priority to work with him on their shifts) and we really like them all. They have really gotten to know Andrew too, and you can tell they are all wishing the best for our little man. The muffins were the least we could do to show our thanks for making our life a little better this month.

Today, we did a few photo sessions to mark the occasion. The "1 month" sticker is supposed to go on a onesie, but A is too small for them still, and can't wear clothes just yet (as long as he has a main PICC line, it can't be covered up). So, we improvised by holding it up and laying it on his bedding. I'm betting that next month he'll be wearing it! The little hat he is wearing in this picture was a gift that one of my sorority sisters knitted for him - I wish you could see it better because it is sooo cute. He wasn't being too cooperative for the evening shoot - he was wide awake, but as soon as we started snapping pics, his eyes snapped shut! That personality of his is starting to show! When we came back in the evening today, he had a new IV in for a blood transfusion, so he also had a few more lines to contend with for the pictures. Sigh...the life in the NICU.

No other big updates today. It was a good day. J & I are so thankful that Andrew is with us and doing so well after one month. He is such a strong boy, and we can't wait to see what the next month brings! We love you, Andrew!!

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Andrew - Very cool heart sheets!